Our mission is to empower managers to make educated decisions towards a fully integrated sustainability strategy – delivering positive impacts for your business and society. Find out how:

The PI Ambition Level Concept

We support you in understanding which ambition levels could fit your business strategy and context

The PI Analysis Framework

We support you in conducting comprehensive status quo and gap assessments

The PI Strategy Approach

We support you in integrating sustainability into your business strategy and processes

Motives and ambition of companies and investors with regards to sustainability vary significantly. At the same time, typical frameworks do not offer alternatives to accommodate these different ambitions. Essentially, with the current suite of checkbox standards, executives are guided through template actions, adopting one pre-formed set of criteria for making their organization sustainable. This resulted in several companies leaving their sustainability agenda rather disconnected from the core business. Treating ESG as a pure communications or (reputational) risk management issue, however, will not be enough with increasing legal requirements and public expectations. In addition, companies and investors alone will not be able to lead the change to a sustainable economy without any supplementary political activities. More and more opportunities to create value on the one hand, and more threats for the business model on the other, demand a new integrated way of sustainability strategy that fits your ambition.