The PI Strategy Approach 

We guide you through the journey of integration that fits your strategy and ambition.

The analysis outcomes help you set the direction for your ambition. This is then translated into a tailored strategy approach. We use the 5-step PI Strategy Approach as a basis. Every step of the strategy integration process is adapted to the requirements of the chosen ambition and builds on existing processes.

Like that, we make sure you work on specific issues that will make your sustainability strategy create more positive impacts. We offer individual consulting and support you in translating your ambition into strategy & execution. Contact us for more information!

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5-step strategy approach: 1. Level setting, 2. Determination of ESG impacts; 3. Strategy integration; 4. Build & implement / process integration; 5. Consistent communication

An essential part of strategy integration is to get a clear understanding of your ambition and of where you are right now – find out more:

The PI Ambition Level Concept The PI Analysis Framework