The positive impacts story 

We want to support the transformation to a truly sustainable global economy which aims at maximizing societal value. This will need much better integration and honest collaboration between all companies, investors, governments, and citizens. Businesses that thrive in a future sustainable society will have governance for profitability and sustainability combined as an integrated element driving their fortunes. This is our starting point – we have stepped up to build the architecture that enables tomorrow’s success. Each of us at PI is a success story in our careers. We have all decided to pull together our strengths to drive the sustainability integration of the future.

After two decades of advising major global companies on existing sustainability standards, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, and strategy integration, Martin, the PI founder, decided a new, practical, and more ambitious approach was needed. Typical ESG guidance has led to companies check boxes and “run” after reporting requirements, and consultants develop a strategy for every “hot topic” that comes up. Thus, they never quite tapped into the transformative and highly needed potential of sustainability/ESG.

Hence the founding of positive impacts (PI) and the new concepts it introduces.

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