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PI Study series “Demystifying ESG”

Paper 1: Strategic Sustainability Management Pays Off

  • What strategies did the top 100 German companies pursue in integrating sustainability, and how consistent were they in their approach?
  • How did these aspects drive financial performance?
  • To what extent was sustainability strategy driven by financial performance?
Paper 1 (EN) Paper 1 (DE)

Paper 2: Double Materiality: Are German Companies Ready for the CSRD Requirements?

  • What was the share of companies that were “ready”?
  • Where was a mismatch between the financial materiality judgement of the companies and what the SASB standards determine to be likely to impact enterprise value?
  • Where was a mismatch between the impact on society materiality judgement of the companies and what PI has calculated to be material?
Paper 2 (EN)

Paper 3: “Societal Value” KPIs as a Means to Measure Sustainability Performance and to Integrate Sustainability Into Portfolio Strategies:

  • Maximizing societal and business valuebased on the PI Strategy Matrix
  • What aspects drive societal value?

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