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INTEGRATION of Sustainability/ESG

Supporting companies and investors to create societal and business value by aligning sustainability ambitions with business strategies

Positive Impacts® strategies: Avoid a double loss and achieve a double dividend!

We are your tour guide for integrating sustainability into strategy and processes and ensuring that the transformation is a win-win: financial gain for the firm and its shareholders and societal gain for its stakeholders and the environment..

Our scientific research has shown that

> an inconsistent integration led to a double loss,

> while a consistent and ambitious integration led to a double dividend:

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The graph shows the distribution of the financial performance (EPS) of the low performers vs. the top performers in the proprietary framework of Positive Impacts®.

We help you to answer four simple questions:

Where are you today? Get answers on your performance and your strategy!

We will help you understand where you are in the first phase of our Strategy Approach by

>Obtaining a status quo assessment of your sustainability performance based on available data and estimates for the entire cradle-to-gate value chain against science-based targets for the respective year

>Obtaining a status quo assessment of your your sustainability management based on available information (public and/or private)

Where do you want to be? Get inspired by our Ambition Level Concepts on Performance and Strategy

> Creating tailored strategy and performance benchmarks to inform your strategy process

> Support you in setting the direction in an ambitions regarding performance and strategy, and in designing a scoping workshop

> Provide you with a gap analysis and solution roadmap for the chosen ambitions

How do you get there? We provide you with guides on your sustainability integration journey.

Use our Strategy Approach as a tour guide of integration:

>Assessment phase: When determining ESG impacts, risks, and opportunities in the basecamp for the chosen ambition

>Design phase: When deciding your final ambitions, setting targets guided by our science-based sustainability target path and designing the integration into your business and operating models based on the findings of the assessment phase

>Implementation phase: For the integration into your processes and reporting

What impacts do you generate on the way? Get guide for monitoring your contribution using our new Positive Impacts® Model

Use our Positive Impacts® Model to guide your communication & reporting strategy

>by using the most holistic model on science-based societal targets to monitor and communicate the double dividend of your strategy – without impact washing the results

>by using our framework to comply with the requirements of the CSRD and of over 30 other frameworks in one go

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Why Positive Impacts?

Science – based

The PI Strategy Approach has been developed in over 19.000h of R&D, and has been tested in the 100 largest companies in Germany


Specialist knowledge

Our CEO and senior consultant counts on 30 years experience in sustainability. Meet him and the PI expert team



PI has developed the first approach that connect sustainability performance, management quality, and financial performance

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What is new?

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

the CSRD will replace the NFRD starting next year: Check now if you are ready and see how well sustainability issues are integrated into your management.

Learn more about the CSRD

Checklist German Supply Chain Act (LkSG)
change to a more sustainable business practice

Together with BVWM, we have developed a checklist (in german) for the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) to provide companies with a quick and secure overview of their obligations. Use our list now and get ready for the start of the law on January 1, 2023.

Download Checklist

Strategic sustainability management pays off

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What’s material?!  Double materiality in the area of conflict between implementation and strategy

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On track to net positive? How companies create societal value

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