The PI Approach and Services: An Overview

We are a strategy start-up specializing in providing guides for integrating sustainability/ESG into strategy and processes. In order to accompany you on your “hiking trip” to your own personal sustainability goals, we have designed answers to the following 4 key questions, which will guide you through the integration process.

The “You” can be seen from multiple angles: yourself, your customers, your portfolio companies, and your investor

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 Strategy benchmarking & status quo

Both for companies and investors, our new Positive Impacts® Model and our PI Analysis Framework can assess the current level of compliance to the PI Sustainability Path and to the current level of integration in terms of strategic baseline, operations, and reporting. On performance it starts with a low ambition up to a very high ambition. Our performance framework defines four performance ambitions. Our strategy framework starts with “Legal Compliance” to “Sustainability Driven”, and defines five different sustainability / ESG management approaches as well as “No Ambition” to assess your status quo, competitors, customers, partners, investors, or targets.

> Understand the positioning of your sustainability strategy in your market

> Discover strategic risks and opportunities of your ESG management and become more competitive

> FS: Complement your due diligence as a basis for engagement during the ownership period

CSRD Readiness Check:

> Are you affected? If yes, how can you prevent doing the same mistake as NFRD-compliant firms that created losses by poor ESG management?

> We check your current sustainability/ESG strategy against the CSRD and the requirements of 30 other frameworks.

> Does your sustainability management make sense for your business strategy? We defined five different ways to comply with the CSRD and at the same time offer a strategic fit to different business imperatives

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> Answer 6 simple questions about your company and discover to what extent you have integrated sustainability into your strategy!

> Receive your free report with information on gaps and overshoots immediately


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Gap/Solutions assessment & roadmap design

Tailored to your ambition level we identify the most relevant gaps and overshoots to develop measures for overcoming inconsistencies in the current management approach.

> Identify cost savings and investment opportunities for the current management approach

> FS: Identify strategic sustainability risks and opportunities for your current and targeted portfolio

> Get a detailed roadmap that defines solutions for the identified gaps and overshoots

Ambition & scoping workshop(s)

Based on the benchmark, status quo, gap/overshoot, and solution assessment, we discuss the findings with the management, agree upon the highest feasible ambition, and determine the scope of the assessment phase.

> Obtain management buy-in and clarity on the potential strategy for your firm

> Define the highest feasible ambition and define/modify the approach for the assessment phase

> Identify the portfolio items (divisions, products, services) and their level of segmentation for the assessment and determine the value chain scope for the assessment phase

> FS: Understand the ambition level of capital providers, identify targets, and complement your due diligence

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ESG Risk, opportunity & materiality analysis

We guide you in determining and assessing the ESG risks and opportunities from an inside-out and outside-in perspective. These assessments together with the materiality analysis form a core step for the integration of sustainability/ESG into strategy.

> Identify and assess the ESG risks and opportunities of the chosen portfolio/entity

> Get insights through scenario analysis to assess the ESG risks/opportunities

> Obtain a valuation of the intended measures (business & societal case quantification)

> Analyse your material topics in up to six different dimensions, including a dynamic materiality assessment depending on ambition and scope

5-Steps plan to integrate ESG/sustainability into strategy and a CSRD compliant reporting

We help you to set up or adapt a sustainability/ESG management with a strategic fit to be prepared for the CSRD reporting requirements at an early stage. Our PI Strategy Framework in 5 steps covers:

> Direction and Scope

> Determination of ESG Impacts

> Strategy Integration

> Process Integration

> Consistent Communication

More on the CSRD Readiness check

Integration into strategic planning

This is the core step of integrating sustainability into your business strategy, by mapping the identified risks and opportunities (impacts) with your current strategy, identify and close gaps. Decide upon (re)designing the business model, governance, and management structures.

> Get your sustainability strategy aligned with your business goals

> Identify and close the gaps, set targets, and monitor them by defining SMART KPIs

> Design and prepare the implementation of optimized internal structures to ensure efficient and effective execution of the organization’s strategy

Governance & process integration

Conduct a detailed design and implement your integrated sustainability strategy at an operative level. Set up the tracking of progress and impacts through integrated sustainability KPIs. Get your personnel on board from the managerial to the operational level.

> Implement internal reporting, controls, and incentives for effective implementation

> Set-up operative processes to monitor measures, and ESG financing and track your sustainability KPIs

> Ease your internal reporting process by having the necessary information at hand at all times

Know your impacts!

Performance benchmark

Based on the new Positive Impacts® Model we support you in benchmarking and reporting your sustainability performance by quantifying both, positive and negative impacts for society and for your business and evaluate the level of alignment with science-based targets.

> Quantify your sustainability/ESG performance in a holistic way against the PI Sustainability Path

> Understand the performance our your portfolio and its position against your peers/industry average

> Put your financial performance into perspective with our sustainability KPIs that mirror revenue and earnings

> Identify where investments into sustainability created the highest positive impacts – for society and your firm

Communication & reporting strategy

Ensure consistent sustainability/ESG reporting and tailoring it to your stakeholder groups, while ensuring compliance with chosen/required reporting standards.

> Ensure consistent communication with stakeholders, reduce reputational risks, and complement your equity story by translating your strategy into the language of the capital market

> Choose the ESG ratings that fit your strategy and identify measures to improve performance in the selected ratings