We are starting with a small but super engaged core team, supported by experienced and equally passionate freelancers.

Martin G. Viehöver

Martin G. Viehöver – Founder & CEO

In my nearly three-decade long career, I have held management positions in some of the top global consulting firms, including KPMG, Deloitte and AECOM (formerly URS) as well as leading positions in civil society organizations organizing youth projects with the Club of Rome and other renowned youth organizations. I have initiated and successfully led projects with global companies, investors, insurers and organizations as well as mid-sized companies to support them in advancing the ESG integration into strategies, processes and valuations.

My knowledge and experience, combined with a profound understanding of the limitation of the current ESG approach, have led me to founding positive impacts (PI). I work with other experienced experts to fully exploit the potential of integrated sustainability strategies, powered by the approaches and innovative frameworks I have designed and tested. So here I am, building positive impacts by fueling successful sustainability / ESG integration for companies, investors and organizations just like yours.”

Antje Weiruss

Antje Weiruß – Chief Digital Officer
Responsible for the design, setup, and development of PI’s digital solutions

“Finding pragmatic, customer-centric solutions and bringing them to life has always been ‘my thing’ in my career so far. I coordinated digital and cross-functional project teams throughout a big corporation. It’s what I’m good at and what I like doing. My personal goal for 2020, however, was to dedicate more time to things with more meaning – or more positive impacts. When Martin asked me to join the positive impacts project, it didn’t take me long to say yes.”

Gina Kanhai

Gina Kanhai – Freelancer

“I support PI with my expertise, especially in the environmental dimension, in KPI and sustainability strategy development, workshop moderation, change processes, establishing monitoring processes, project management and due diligence. Bringing people together around ideas and concepts for sustainability is important to me. That’s why I studied a range of topics to understand diverse stakeholder perspectives. I held team lead roles working on sustainability in the private sector at KPMG and the global youth organization AIESEC e.V. Additionally, I’ve worked in the area of development support at the GIZ and the WHO.”

Charlotte Schmidt-Rohr

Charlotte Schmidt-Rohr – Visiting Consultant

“I am currently pursuing the CEMS Master of International Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. I met Martin through an internship in sustainability services at KPMG and am very excited to support the positive impacts team!”

Myrna van Vliet

Myrna van Vliet – Visiting Consultant

“Creating a thriving tomorrow by combining business and sustainability is what excites me. Being in the final year of International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management, I got selected for the sustainability minor. This sparked my interest to further deepen my knowledge on this topic. When the opportunity came along to work with the positive impacts team on integration of ESG into business strategies, I had to accept it and step aboard!”

Jule Terörde

Jule Terörde – Visiting Consultant

“I am currently studying for a master’s degree in Sociology and Social Research at the University of Cologne. My focus on economic geography and social psychology helped me to expand my knowledge in social as well as ecological sustainability. Therefore, I am very happy to join the positive impacts team to further deepen my knowledge regarding this topic.”

Andrea Maglia

Andrea Maglia – Visiting Consultant

“Sustainability is a crucial issue in today’s business landscape and together with climate change topics, this has led me in my career choices so far: Being currently enrolled in the final year of MSc in Management at USI (Università della Svizzera italiana), I chose to deepen my knowledge about sustainability practices by selecting the minor ‘Socially Responsible Management’. Joining the PI team is a big challenge and opportunity for me to get some hands-on experience in the topics I’ve become fascinated with.”